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Back in the saddle

It’s the start of the week and it’s good to feel more or less back to normal. I’m running at around 90% but that feels a million miles from how I felt over the last week or so. It has meant today’s level of productivity and efficiency has gone through the roof. I’ve got some work done today; made some much-needed progress on my PhD before my end of year supervisory meeting on Thursday; done some Christmas jobs (getting to know the folk in the post office v v well!)’; and retuned to some of my domestic jobs (back cooking, which is also making me feel good).

All this progress today has given me a boost and a sense of achievement – it sounds silly to say but it’s true. It had me reflecting on one of the things I love about making lists; it is that same sense of achievement, of success, when you tick something off and complete it. After a few days feeling off-colour, which is bad in itself but also can lead to a loss of confidence and the knock-on effects of that, it feels great to be back on form.

It is a reminder too, that no matter how someone looks; no matter how well they appear; how bubbly and happy they seems; you never know what is going on inside. It’s a reminder to never judge a book by its cover. Never to make assumptions about how someone feels. Never to apply how you felt about something to someone else and think they should have the same reaction. It is wonderful that we are all so different; it is therefore wonderful that we all handle things differently. Whether it’s serious trauma; loss; grief; happiness; responsibility; or acid reflux, let’s all cut each other some slack. It is Christmas afterall.


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