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The generation game

Three generations of Joneses got together for lunch today. It was a surprise treat that we were all in on, except my Dad, who turns 80 on new year’s eve, and was the target of the lunch treat. He thought – because we told him – that we were all going to a carol concert at Liverpool Cathedral. Instead we ate in the best restaurant in the city, where the food is so good its can feel like a religious experience.

The relationship between all grandparents and their grandchildren is special – in every family – but I will never tire of watching our daughter interact with her Nanna and Grandar and her Granny and Grandad. For my Dad, he seems to drink in every minute with Aoife – he watches her intently, like he was studying her to paint a portrait. For her part, she loves seeing him and taking about him and the rest of the grand-parenting gang – not just like family but like her best friends. It is incredibly cute.

There is no finer venue for a lunch in these parts than The Arts School. It did not disappoint today. As well as the outstanding food and relaxed, warm atmosphere, it is a fabulous setting; a stunning building, stylishly decorated. We had the bonus feature this afternoon of having a lengthly chat at our table with the Head Chef and Proprietor, Paul Askew. We had met before, briefly, but today’s chat gave a perfect insight into how he has created this magnificent restaurant. His passion for his customers and for delivering consistently exceptional food with great attention to detail says it all. He was good to his word today, producing plates of fantastic food and some toast at the request of our little diner!

We left full of smiles, full of great food and full of love across all generations of Joneses. Didn’t we do well?!


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