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That takes the biscuit

There are few more satisfying things in life than sitting down to a great cup of tea – medium strength – and with it their perfect accompaniment; a biscuit. But the big question – a question provoking debates across the ages is which is the best biscuit. If you are unsure, then read on. The answer is provided.

Firstly, let’s deal with the worst biscuits; those that should be consigned to the bottom of the biscuit barrel or ideally just used as bird feed. Those who disgrace the name biscuit. Fig rolls. Bourbon. Hob Nobs (the most overrated biscuit around). Jammy dodgers (don’t get me started). Garibaldi.

Thankfully there are some brilliant biscuits – not top of the Premier League – but good, top six, pushing for a  Champions League spot. In no particular order……Digestives (a classic). Rich tea (simple but effective). Nice (gentle sugar rush). Chocolate digestive (magnificent when dunked). Chocolate chip cookies (no words needed). Shortcakes/any shortbread finger (the Scots know how to knock out a biscuit). Milk chocolate fingers (childhood favourites). Crunch creams (melt in the mouth). Viennese (pure luxury).

But there can only be one winner; the biscuit to beat all others. A perfect dunker. Great on its own. Good with or without tea. Biscuit perfection; the custard cream.

I’m off; the kettle’s on.

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