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My little sister is getting married; I am getting old!

With each major milestone I feel the passage of time – I feel older – I am older. As readers of this blog know, this is my fortieth year on this planet. A year I am marking with daily blog posts about my life and the things I think about and care about. Today, is a big day. A special day. Another major milestone which confirms I am feeling older.

My little sister – the little girl who was born a month before my 10th birthday and who I watched grow from the tiny precious bundle in my arms in hospital to a woman who others now entrust their precious bundles to in her classroom is getting married. Miss Jones will today become Mrs Delaney.

Dr J, Aoife and I are so excited for Lucy and her fiancee, Andrew, who join the wonderful club – a club we are so proud to belong – of the married. If the new Mrs Delaney and her soon-to-be husband have half as much happiness in marriage as Dr J and I have found, they will be happy indeed. As we say across the sea – it’s a big day for Ireland.

As ever on big family days, there are many sub-plots. Three spring to mind. My Dad will walk his daughter down the aisle today, twenty years almost to the day since he lay close to death in hospital. What a comeback. As I said, a big day. My Mum will help her daughter get ready for the biggest day of her life and provide that love and support that only a Mum can. A day full of emotion for them both; full of love. My Nan will not be there in the church but in our hearts today – she would love to have seen her only granddaughter get married – she is never far away on any day, but especially big days.

As we start to get ready here – with the world’s most excited flower girl – our hearts are filled with good luck, good wishes and lots of love for Lucy and Andrew – but we know you won’t need any luck. You have each other; you love each other; you want to spend the rest of your lives together so nothing can stop you. Comhghairdeas ar bhur bpósadh.


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