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A perfect Friday

I’m having a perfect Friday. In fact, a perfect day wherever it fell during the week.

A reasonably early start – Miss J was up bright and early this morning, just after 05:30 – but then it created the chance to have breakfast #1 with my #1 darling daughter. Dr J had a lie-in – well until 07:45 – after doing the early shift yesterday. We are experiencing a 05:20/05:30 start to the day at the moment, which is not always entirely welcome!

Aoife and I proceeded to then go through our repertoire of princess games and recreations of scenes from Disney films. This morning, we focused on Tiana – the Princess and the Frog for those of you still using old money. I did a few emails and some status reports for some of my current projects – I like to provide clients who are working on fixed fee projects with a regular formal status report to keep them updated on progress – it helps given I spend most of my time away from their offices – in mine. Listened to parts of the Today programme – made extra enjoyable for the absence of John Humphrys.

Dr J then took up the little person reigns as I headed up to the golf club for an early round of golf. 08:12 on the tee and off the 18th by 10:30. Windy but wonderful. What a way to spend a couple of hours. Fantastic. The course is in magnificent condition – it can only be a grass shaving behind Birkdale in the presentation stakes.

Now for breakfast #2 – well, more like brunch – this time a full Team Jones breakfast in Birkdale village. Some time together. Precious time. A few hours of work then followed – a hugely satisfying and productive few hours, with lots of the to-do list ticked off and a number of outstanding pieces of writing (including this one) dispatched. Pleasing. Very pleasing.

I can’t help but think that having such a great start to the day – exercise, family time and contentment – makes for a more productive working time. I got more done in five hours at home than I would in two days in the office in my old life.

As I sign off, we are now just getting ourselves ready for early dinner out with the extended Team Jones – my sister Lucy, gets married tomorrow and we are having dinner with her – on her last day as a Jones – and her fiancee Andrew, our parents and Andrew’s and his brother – the best man. A lovely evening ahead before a lovely day tomorrow – a hugely special day for both our families. Miss J is a flower girl tomorrow – to say she is excited would be like saying I enjoyed the golf last week – understatement of the year territory. To say we are proud parents of the flower girl would go further still.

I reflect on this with my new Bose SoundLink speaker booming in the background – a thing of great beauty and currently playing music which defines great beauty. Fittingly with tomorrow in our sights, The Beatles have just serenaded me with ‘I Will’:

Love you forever and forever

Love you with all my heart

Love you whenever we’re together

Love you when we’re apart


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