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My Saturday; a belter and written up in no time

I write my blog at different times each day. Sometimes I know straight away what I want to write about when I get up and have it written before breakfast. Others days, like today, I am less sure or have less time to sit down and mull over my thoughts and my keyboard. Today – tonight – I set myself a task; given the time I started writing (19:32) I want to write it in less than twenty minutes. Lets see if I succeed.

It has been a stunning day here in Birkdale. Glorious weather with a full day of great activity. This morning was all about daddy-daughter time – we had breakfast together and played at home whilst mummy had a lie-in. We played a variety of games, including us pretending to be Peter and Lily from Peter Rabbit – photo to prove it! We then recreated the ballroom scene from Beauty and the Beast with some extremely questionable singing (from me) and even more questionable dancing (again from me!).

The British and Irish Lions then took centre stage and amazingly kicked P J Masks from our TV. A big win. Something the Lions were not able to achieve but a drawn match and drawn drawn series felt somehow fitting as neither of these classy teams deserve to taste defeat. The match happily coincided with the end of Dr J’s lie-in and so I got to watch most of the game, baring the odd interruption to play ‘climbing the stairs’.

Team Jones went for a walk into Birkdale village for a coffee and a trip to our wonderful butchers, Brough’s. Pleasingly, Steve (our favourite) was working and so we had a chat, amusingly getting our wires crossed about “the 12th” which is just around the corner. Trepidation from both of us for different reasons. Too long a story to retell now.

After lunch al fresco with Dr J and Miss J I headed up to the golf club for today’s medal. More positives but more disappointment. I am getting closer to the golf I want to be playing but am still some distance from the scores I want to be shooting. If golf teaches you anything it is to keep working, keep trying, keep improving. I will be back – but not for a few weeks as we have three busy weeks/weekends coming up; family trips to London, The Open and my sister’s wedding over the next 21 days.

Home for dinner and fun in the garden with my girls and now sat here talking to you, after catching up with the days sporting results. What a top day. What a lucky man.

To add to this happy tale, we have breakfast and trip to Liverpool plans tomorrow; combining my favourite people with my favourite place and favourite meal of the day. What a life. Alongside today, it has been a fantastic week; with me starting work with two new clients and the building excitement of Dr J’s impending new career challenge.

I sign off tonight a happy man; thankful for my lot in life (golf score aside!) and checking the clock, done with time to spare. It’s 19:47.


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