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Trump will fail as a president because he is a failure as a human being

I haven’t blogged about President Trump for some time. Perhaps I’m in denial. Some sort of subconscious hope that it has all been a very, very bad dream. That if I don’t acknowledge it, perhaps it hasn’t really happened. Maybe Hillary is actually President? It’s all been a Bobby Ewing in the shower situation? No such luck.

Sadly, no tragically, Donald J Trump is President of the United States of America. If you weren’t sure you could check Twitter. He’s been at it again. Not his usual daily drivel of self-important, self-aggrandising, self, self, self dross but the super-charged stuff when he targets someone or something with all his puny, pathetic protestations.

This weekend, he went after a number of media targets, including retweeting a manufactured video showing him actually wresting (WWE-style) with CNN. Just to remind you, this is the President of the United States of America tweeting a video of him attacking a person, mocked up as the news outlet, CNN. This isn’t funny. This isn’t even tragic. This is rock bottom.

I know, I know, he’s hit rock bottom before but somehow this man seems to find lower depths to plunge. There is so much to detest about this man, so much to despise, so much to pity but perhaps his worse trait, the trait from which so much of his brutish, childish behaviour emanates is his insecurity. His monumental, gargantuan, cavenous insecurity.

Now don’t get me wrong, we all have our insecurities. We all have those bits of our history, our appearance, our knowledge, our skills and our make-up that makes us feel some pangs of self doubt. But most of us deal with these without projecting our fears or self loathing on to others; without bullying others; without belittling others; without reducing others to no more than click bait fodder. His conduct this weekend proves yet again how completely unsuitable he is to the office he holds. How unfit he is to lead. How much his temperament falls short of what is required in the leader of the world’s only superpower. But it is much worse than that.

He isn’t just a failure as a leader, he is a failure as a decent human being. He lacks integrity, honesty, manners and decorum. His thin skin makes him hit out at others to make him feel better about himself. The bully who feels stronger by making others seem weaker. He talks about fake news and how the media is out to get him but in truth the biggest reason he will fail as a President is the one square foot of real estate in his head. It is not just his insecurity, it is how this insecurity dominates his thoughts, words and deeds. It owns him. He cannot manage or control it.

He will fail not because of others but because of himself. He will fail as President because he is a failure as a human being. He is a risible, pathetic excuse of a person. He behaviour this weekend just brings that failure a few days closer but we need not worry too much; his failure is inevitable. This leopard cannot change his deeply insecure spots. And in the end, we will be rid of this excuse of a president. I look forward to watching that news break, on CNN.


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