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Next week I enter my 40th year; a year in which I will blog every day

At 05:40 on Thursday 4th May 1978, in the shadow of Paddy’s Wigwam (the Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King) in Liverpool Maternity Hospital, Oxford Street, I was born.

That means that Thursday next week – one week from today – if the good Lord spares me (as almost anyone in Liverpool or Ireland would say!) marks the start of my 40th year.

I consider myself to be a very lucky and blessed man; born in one of the finest cities in the world with the perfect mix of scouse and Irish heritage; brought up by a loving family; living around decent people in strong communities; meeting the love of my life and with her having the light of my light; and living a happy and healthy life so far; yes, with its fair share of ups and downs (like all of us) but on the whole this has so far been a life well-lived.

Turning 40 is seen as a major milestone – one of life’s big birthday numbers. Life begins at 40 and all that. Time to start lying about your age. Nearly half way to four score years and seven.

I have never subscribed to that view but I do subscribe to the view that taking time to take stock is a good thing; taking a step back to reflect on what is working and what isn’t is a good thing to do, especially if you do something about it. I have had my fair share of this reflection and change time over recent years as anyone who has read my blog will know. But I now plan something a little different for this coming year.

As a passionate writer – something I am lucky to enjoy hugely – I have therefore decided to take the opportunity of the next twelve months – the year for #ben2b40 – to commit my “taking stock” reflections to paper and share them through my blog.

I am going to blog something every day. Not sure what yet. Not sure how much. Not sure if anyone will read. Not sure if this blogging marathon will be worth it but I am up for it and will give it a go.

I don’t promise Pepys, Adrian Mole or even Alan Clark. But I do promise to talk about my days, my life, my thoughts on my world and the world around me. I hope to be able to share some of the things I learn during the year – every day is a school day after all – and some of the ways in which I am trying (hopefully succeeding but no doubt failing from time to time) to live the balanced life I desire; the life where works always fits around life; where my personal priorities revolve around my girls and my wellbeing; where I am proud when I look in the mirror; and where I smile a lot more than I cry; a lot more.

Who knows. Let’s find out. The #ben2b40 journey (cue X factor music) starts next week. I hope you will join me.

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