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I’m back to blogging for Lent; it’s not DECHOX but REBLOGX

Hello. It’s been a while.

I’ve picked up my virtual pen today after a blogging break. This break – self-imposed – was designed to help me focus on some other important pieces of writing I have been doing; reports for clients and the start of drafting my thesis for my PhD.

I derive huge pleasure from writing reports at the end of projects for clients; it is always satisfying to put a lot of work into a piece of writing when you know there are people keen to read it. That clarity of audience and purpose is invigorating. The sense that someone is waiting for your report to drop into their inbox, ready to start reading.

The PhD thesis-writing mountain I have to climb is daunting but brings its own excitement. For someone who loves to write, the idea of producing 80,000+ words feels like my Everest but one I can amble up in my own time, my own clothes and with no concern for my safety!

This work and educational writing satisfies my daily need to keep putting pen to paper and keep finding new and interesting ways to convey information. I love the challenge of understanding an issue and then passing on my understanding to others – influence how they think about something – to tell them a story.  I have missed my blog and have been waiting for a reason to make this Istanbul-style comeback.

The truth is, I don’t really have one, so I have decided to use Lent as my excuse. Rather than giving up something this year, I am going to re-find my blogging voice. Less DECHOX and more REBLOGX. I am sorry for that!

Blogging allows me to speak in my own voice, not my best telephone voice, or in the voice of my clients but me. Just me. I blog for pleasure and satisfaction with no idea if anyone – aside from Mrs J – will read it. That itself takes away any pressure and expectation. It is genuinely about me, my pen and my paper.

So what now? A blank piece of paper. A pen. A world of possibilities. Should we talk about the weather? I think not. Let’s talk instead about what’s happening to our world. Can I bear it? Not today. I need a day, no, a lifetime off Trump. I will return to that, but not today. For today, I will take comfort in small steps. I have picked up the pen. I am blogging again. The rest can wait.

BTW, I hope you enjoy the staged photo of me blogging!

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