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Bring on 2016!

It is just short of six months since I started on my AMJ Comms journey; my journey of working for myself; the journey of my work fitting around my life.

It has been quite a ride.

I have been blessed with fantastic clients over these last six months. Clients who have provided me with fascinating work and respect for the life I am building for myself and my family. I have been helped along the road by great friends – some of whom have made this journey before me – and by new colleagues who are essential in helping a new business get off the ground and stay on the right course.

I made the move to work for myself in the hope that it would allow me the chance to do the sort of work I enjoy but making sure it always comes second to the most important thing in my life; my wonderful family. The experience has exceeded all my expectations.

I continue to take every day and every week as it comes – in true sporting cliche style – not allowing myself to be complacent about this life I am enjoying. I know – as all small businesses know – that I must constantly focus on keeping the standard high whilst always looking for the next challenges, the right innovations, new angles to solve problems, new ways of helping my customers and fresh ideas to stay ahead of the competition. But, I wouldn’t swap it for anything.

Who knows how I will feel in six more months or six more years but I know that this is perfect for me now.

As I approach 2016, the experiences of the past – especially those that helped me make the decisions I made to change my life and put my life before my work – are as important as ever but no longer dominate my thoughts and my world. It is a great feeling to move on from the constraints of the past and look forward with renewed vigour and energy. Better still, it is great to approach the Christmas holidays excited about seeing my family – but not because I wished I had seen more of them during the year.

The second half of 2015 has been brilliant; bring on 2016!

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