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AMJ Comms – starting a business

I have just set up my own business. It’s called AMJ Comms – amjcomms.com . More of the name in a later post – BTW, it’s harder than you think to pick one!
As well as my usual posts, I am going to use my blog (in it’s new home at amjcomms.com) to talk about the journey I am on in setting up a new business and trying to make it a success.
I’ve spent over 15 years working for other people, including some of the world’s leading professional service organisations and iconic and important brands. I have learnt loads from the great people who work there – lots good, some bad. I’ve decided to put this knowledge and experience to good use to help me and my clients.
My own business journey has just started – I have set it up so I can start work from 6 July when my time at PwC comes to an end – I leave on 3 July.
I am really excited about the future and the possibilities – professionally and personally – of working for myself. Watch this space!