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Hilary Clinton

After nearly four years of outstanding service as US Secretary of State it has been a worrying few days with Hilary Clinton being in hospital. I can’t help but think we have been made to worry too much because of some poor early communications from the State Department and Team Clinton.

With an eye on 2016 and a desire to play down her recent illness they issued a vague early statement which begged more questions than answers. It led to speculation and a the adding of two and two and the inevitable double-digit result.

As so often, full disclosure on issues such as health is the best policy. Had we all known straight away exactly what was wrong with Mrs Clinton we would have been told it was a routine course of treatment, no lasting physical damage and (politically importantly) no risk to her possible run for the Presidency in 2016.

I hope the lesson is well-learned for the future by her team (the race for 2016 needs Hilary); always control your own bad news, get it our early and in full.