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Back to blogging

I am re-launching my blog today after making some changes.

I now plan to use it now to share views and ideas on a range of topics, including politics, news and current affairs, sport and life in general.

I continue to be a Conservative Parliamentary Candidate and will use this blog to keep you posted on my campaigning work but I wanted to broaden it to cover more than that. I will of course continue to manage any conflicts of interest with my job at the General Medical Council. I will not therefore be commenting on the politics of health or the government or opposition’s policies or views on health and health regulation but I will return to commenting (as I do on Twitter) to the events of the day (some important, some trivial!).

As a regular- and my wife would say obsessive- Tweeter I know that the discipline of saying something in 140 characters is healthy. But there are times when more words are needed- that is where my blog will come in.

I have also changed the design of my blog. Amongst other things it now includes a stunning picture of the incredible Portsalon in County Donegal, Ireland. This is one of the most stunning places I have visited and played golf (fairly badly!). The course is worth a visit if you are ever in the area; http://www.portsalongolfclub.com/

I hope you will read my blog, enjoy my musings, agree and disagree and share your views. Thanks.