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Liverpool FC

I have always tried to avoid blogging about Liverpool FC for fear that once I start, I will not be able to stop! But this week I feel I have to break the habit.

Wednesday night’s result was desperate. Our start to the season has been awful. Roy Hodgson has inherited a club, and a team,,in a mess.

Until the ownership issue is resolved properly, and the off the field uncertainty is removed, we will struggle to find the consistency we need on the field. But we must also remember that although Roy has made some moves in the transfer market (which look so far to have been very positive) he has a huge job ahead to clear out some of the dross he was left by the previous manager.

This dross not only creates short-term selection problems, but a longer-term drain on the wage bill. We have too many overpaid, under-achieving players. It is very simple. The players we currently have (apart from a small few) are not good enough.

Liverpool fans do not need me to list the players who are not fit to play for the club, or to state the obvious areas in the squad we need to invest. What we do need is to back our new manager with time and support, hope for a speedy resolution to boardroom uncertainty, and hold our nerve through this rocky period. It is a long, dark winter ahead, but I believe there will be a golden sky at the end.