• Author:Ben Jones
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Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

I wish I could say the outcome of the Tomlinson/G20 investigation surprised me; no charges to be brought against the officer involved. But it did not.

As someone who supports the police in their extraordinarily difficult job (and has been out on patrol with them and seen at first hand the extreme challenges they face) it becomes increasingly difficult to sustain that support when they appear to be above the law.

Time and again an IPCC, CPS, or internal investigation either clears the officers involved, or concludes there is insufficient evidence to warrant further investigations or a prosecution. This damages the police’s reputation and harms the public’s confidence in them. We need to feel that we are all judged by the same standards and laws and not having these applied differently if you wear a uniform (even if you try to conceal your identity number!). This case has saddened me greatly but that can be nothing compared to the pain and sadness of the Tomlinson family. They tragically join a long list of people who feel denied justice following police action.

This failure to have justice done, or seen to be done, must end. The families involved deserve it, we as citizens deserve it, and the police themselves (many of whom will be equally saddened by these decisions on) deserve it.