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Thank you letter to local newspaper

I have sent the following letter to the Runcorn and Widnes Weekly News;

Last week, the people of Halton went to the polls in their thousands to elect their Member of Parliament. I would like to congratulate Derek Twigg on his achievement of being returned as the MP for Halton for a fourth time and thank my fellow candidates for the fair and clean way in which the campaign we fought was conducted.

For my part, it has been a huge privilege to serve as the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Halton since November 2008, and to work with the members and supporters of Halton Conservatives. I am extremely grateful for all their support for my campaign, especially during the last four gruelling weeks. I am very proud of our positive and determined campaign.

Most importantly, I am grateful for all the support I received from the people of Halton on Thursday, over 8000 of whom gave me their vote and helped us achieve a 3% swing from Labour to the Conservatives. I am humbled by the trust they placed in me. It has been a real pleasure to meet so many local residents over the last seventeen months, and to receive hundreds of their emails, letters and calls.

Yours sincerely,

Ben Jones
Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Halton