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Hope or fear; the choice at this election

I have sent the following letter to local newspapers in Halton;

We are now just over a week until Election Day and nearing the end of the leader’s television debates.

The country faces a clear choice on 6th May; five more years of Gordon Brown, or change with David Cameron and the Conservatives. It is also a choice between hope and fear.

Labour’s strategy in this election has been to frighten people, especially pensioners, with lies about what the Conservatives would do if elected. I have seen these Labour leaflets in Halton with local Councillor’s names attached to them. They, and Gordon Brown, should be ashamed. Elections should be about ideas, values and honest choices; not lies, fears and false dividing lines.

Let me deal directly with the Labour lies being peddled in Halton and across the country. A Conservative government will not abolish the pensioner bus pass, winter fuel allowance, pension credit, free TV licences or Sure Start. We would keep them all and build on them. We would also increase the basic state pension (restoring the link with earnings), provide 4,200 extra health visitors, and increase spending in the NHS each year (unlike Labour).

In this campaign we have been offering a positive plan for the future of Britain, including more support for pensioners. We believe this is a great country with our best days ahead of us. We believe that together we can change our country for the better. We do not believe in frightening people; we believe in giving them hope for the future.

We want to give Halton and Britain the change it desperately needs. We want the country to come together to deliver that change. You can help by voting Conservative on 6th May.