• Author:Ben Jones
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Budget bombshell; Halton hit hard

30 million people, including thousands all over Halton, were hit hard yesterday by Gordon Brown’s new stealth tax.

Labour has been caught once again hiding a stealth tax in the small print of the Budget. This time it is a tax rise thanks to personal allowances being frozen. It was the single biggest tax rise in the Budget and yet the Chancellor did not mention it. Once again, this Labour government is taking the country for fools.

Not only were 30 million people hit by this stealth tax rise, but the Budget failed to set out a credible plan to deal with the deficit (we are now borrowing more than at any time in our modern history- for every four pounds the Government spends, one pound has to be borrowed). Our debt interest is more than we spend on the entire school system!

The choice will be clear on election day. Five more years of Gordon Brown, with more of the same. Or David Cameron and the Conservatives who offer Halton and the country the change it desperately needs.