• Author:Ben Jones
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The unions strike again

Labour’s union paymasters at Unite are determined to inflict maximum travel misery on thousands of families. It is disgraceful that they have gone ahead with this unnecessary strike at British Airways which is hurting people all over Britain, including in Halton.

The Prime Minister should do all he can to urge Unite– who are major funders of his general election campaign (they contribute around 25% of Labour’s funding)– to call off the strike. If not, he should stop taking their money.

We also face the prospect of strikes on our railways as another one of Labour’s union paymasters, this time the RMT, threaten to bring our railways to a standstill. As someone who uses the railways every week, including this weekend to and from Runcorn, I know the impact of this sort of unnecessary action. I hope we as we enter the final weeks before the election, we are not also entering into a Spring of discontent.