• Author:Ben Jones
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Labour spin on bus passes for Halton pensioners

I understand that in their desperate attempt to cling to power the Labour Party is misrepresenting Conservative Party policy on free bus passes for pensioners. A number of people in Halton have asked me to clarify the position. I would like to take this opportunity to set the record straight.

The Conservative Party supports the pensioners’ concessionary bus fare scheme. I can reassure pensioners in Halton that the next Conservative Government has no plans to abolish free off-peak bus travel for people over 60.

It is also worth pointing out that it is the Labour Party who plan to cut Disability Living and Attendance Allowance for over 65s, wrecking their chances of living independently, and it’s the Conservatives who plan to raise the basic state pension by restoring the link with earnings. We also plan to protect the Winter Fuel Payment and will introduce a new entitlement for every household to be fitted with up to £6,500 of approved energy efficiency improvements.

I urge the people of Halton not to believe the Government’s desperate spin on this and other issues, but to listen to what the Conservative Party actually says so they can make an informed choice on Election Day. I hope they will use this choice to give Halton and the country the change it desperately needs.