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Halton Conservatives make our “Pledges for Change”

I have sent the following letter to the Widnes and Runcorn Weekly News;

Halton Conservatives are committed to restoring faith in politics by proving that we can deliver real change for local people. In 2010, there will be important local elections and a general election. We believe these elections offer an opportunity to provide real change to our borough and to our country.

We are therefore making five specific promises to the people of Halton of practical things we will deliver if elected in 2010. These pledges offer the people of Halton a clear choice when they come to vote in this year’s elections; knowing exactly what the Conservatives will do if put in charge of the Town Hall and what we will campaign for if local people send a Conservative MP to Westminster.

Halton Conservatives are committed to cutting the cost of politics in Halton
We will conduct a full review of the cost of the democratic process (including budgets for expenses and entertaining), and streamline the structure of the Council to save you money

Halton Conservatives are committed to reducing anti-social behaviour in the borough
We will work closely with Cheshire Police to tackle youth nuisance and alcohol fuelled anti-social behaviour, redirecting wasted council funding into youth clubs and community projects

Halton Conservatives are committed to cleaning up our borough
We will redirect current council spending to focus on cleaner roads, pavements, parks and community areas

Halton Conservatives are committed to a fair deal on the Mersey Gateway
We fully support the project but will fight for the lowest possible tolls for local residents and businesses

Halton Conservatives are committed to our green spaces
We will not support any building on existing green spaces in the borough

We want to be straight with people about what we stand for, and what voting Conservative will mean for Halton. We want to offer Halton a real choice in the coming elections. Together, we want to give Halton and the country the change it desperately needs.

Yours sincerely,
Councillor Peter Murray (Leader, Conservative Group, Halton Borough Council) and Ben Jones (Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Halton)