• Author:Ben Jones
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The BNP and Question Time

Yesterday was a good day for free speech and democracy in Britain.

I fully support the BBC’s decision to allow BNP Leader, Nick Griffin, to be a panellist on Question Time. The voters elected him to the European Parliament and the BBC were right to reflect this in their decision to invite him on their programme.

His appearance and subsequent abject performance confirmed what I have felt for a long time; the more opportunities the BNP get to put their case the better, as it only serves to expose their bigoted, racist and frankly bizarre, ideas and beliefs. Last night’s programme was good for our democracy as it allowed many people who may have voted for the BNP, or been tempted to vote for them, to see the truth lurking behind their election rhetoric. Those who felt they were standing up for Britain will have seen a party only interested in dividing and discriminating.

All politicians need to face into the BNP. We need to debate with them, and fight to expose their despicable, hate-filled prejudices. Last night was one step on the road to doing that. I look forward to more of the same.