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Family, Community, Country

Having listened to David Cameron’s speech today in Manchester, it is very clear who he is, and what he stands for. The theme of ‘family, community, country’ ran throughout the speech, as did his pledge to re-establish responsibility at the heart of our society and his message that big government is at the heart of many of our problems. I could not agree more.

It was an honest, direct and realistic speech, which set out the real challenges we face as a country. I felt his speech set out a ‘one nation’ vision for our country which explained what compassionate Conservative is and would mean for Britain saying; “A Conservative government will reward those who take responsibility, and care for those who can’t.” This is the sort of politics I joined the party for.

We now have to continue to work hard to win the support of the people, and a mandate to change our country. The full text of David Cameron’s speech is available by following this link; http://conservativehome.blogs.com/files/fulltextofcameronspeech.pdf