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Weekly News- welcome to the political run-in

The Weekly News has printed the following letter from me;

I’d like to welcome Liberal Democrat Frank Harasiwka to the General Election campaign, after his selection last week, just seven months before the likely polling day and nearly a year after I was selected to represent the Conservative Party.

The voters of Halton know that it is the Conservatives who have councillors in both Widnes and Runcorn; that we are the only Party to have gained council seats in the last five years; and are the Party best-placed to give Halton and the country the change it needs, having been the main opposition to Labour in every General Election in Halton.

They also know that the only way to get rid of this failing government and Prime Minister is to vote Conservative.

Regardless of all that, Frank; you are welcome to the campaign.

Yours sincerely,
Ben Jones
Halton Conservative Parliamentary Candidate