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Weekly News- Mersey Gateway bridge is ‘a must’, says Halton’s Tory PCC Ben Jones


AS the public inquiry into the Mersey Gateway project drew to a close, Halton’s Tory Prospective Parliamentary Candidate Ben Jones reiterated his 100% support for the project.

In a submission to the Conservative Party’s Commission on Transport for the North, he said the bridge represents a huge development and regeneration opportunity. Mr Jones wrote: “The Mersey Gateway project is a vitally important transport and regeneration project for my constituency and the North West region.
“It’ll help alleviate traffic congestion, support local businesses to be more competitive, act as a catalyst for regeneration in the area, and create new jobs. This much-needed and long overdue development is welcomed by local people and those across the political spectrum.”

He added: “In my role as PPC for Halton, I spoke in favour of the project at the North West Area Conference in March 2009. I’ve have been campaigning on this important issue since my selection in November, working with others, including neighbouring PPCs and local councillors.”

Mr Jones urges the commission to support the Mersey Gateway project. “This is more than a bridge; it has the potential to be a catalyst that will connect communities and lead regeneration and investment throughout Halton and the North West. He continued: “I’ve followed the public inquiry proceedings closely and am looking forward to reading the outcome early next year. “In the meantime, my Conservative colleagues and I are continuing to press for a fair deal on tolls for all local residents and businesses.”