• Author:Ben Jones
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Recession hurting Halton

Labour’s recession is hurting Halton. In June, the unemployment claimant count rose by 86% (on this time last year). The rate of unemployment in Halton is now nearly the worst in the north-west (ahead only of Knowsley and Liverpool).

Gordon Brown believes that, before the credit crunch, the British economy was fundamentally strong, which is why he won’t apologise or take any responsibility for what went wrong. He claimed he had ended boom and bust, but we are now facing one of the deepest recessions in the developed world and people in Halton are paying the price. If Gordon Brown can’t admit his past mistakes then how can he offer a way out of our problems?

Conservatives understand that, under Labour, the economy was built on debt. We are offering a different plan for economic recovery, based on savings and ownership not borrowing and debt. We will build a new low-carbon, high-skilled, productive and balanced economy that will be the engine of sustainable growth, and we will reform the public finances and system of financial regulation so that no Labour Government is able to bankrupt us again.