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I recently received an email asking for my views on Britain’s membership of the European Union and in particular it was put to me that membership of the EU was immoral and that our continued membership would “severely impoverish the British economy”. I have included my reply below:

Many thanks for your email. I appreciate you taking the trouble to write to me. I suspect my reply will not be to your liking, but I believe you are entitled to a straight and honest response.

As you indicated in your email, the Conservative Party supports Britain’s continued membership of the European Union. We believe in an open, flexible Europe in which countries work together to achieve shared goals, not the ever greater centralisation of power in Brussels. We believe that the European Union should continue to reform itself to ensure it gives taxpayers across Europe the best possible value for money.

I entirely support my Party’s position on the European Union and believe that the benefits of our membership of the European Union far outweigh the downsides.