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Time for some honesty

We should not be surprised that the Prime Minister ends the year as he has spent much of it; blaming others for his government’s failings. In today’s monthly press conference Gordon Brown continued to peddle the nonsense that the economic problems we face in Britain are solely created by a global, or American, phenomena. Once again he is treating the British people like fools; we can all see how ill-prepared Britain is for this crisis with our crippling national debt, the reckless approach he has adopted to the public finances, and the failure of his own financial regulatory regime.

Rather than acting like he has saved the world, I suggest our Prime Minister would be better served by speaking frankly and honestly with us about how he and his government left Britain so exposed to the recent economic downturn. Like the addict who will not admit he has a problem, the Prime Minister has no chance of finding real solutions for Britain until he faces up to the real problems we have in the economy.

I strongly recommend readers add the article below to their Christmas reading:

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