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Overdue change

I welcome the news today that Sir Ian Blair has resigned as Commissioner of the Met. I also welcome the role that the Mayor of London has played in bringing Sir Ian’s increasingly flawed reign to an end.

What I do regret is that Sir Ian did not feel that his conduct in the role over recent months and years had warranted resignation before the Mayor’s welcome intervention this week. As someone who lives in London and wants to see the highest standards in public life maintained, I have watched with growing despair as the Commissioner has limped (arrogantly in my view) from crisis to crisis undermining public confidence in the Force (not a Service!) and the office he has held.

I welcome this chance for fresh leadership. I hope that the Mayor and the Home Secretary can work together now to make a speedy and positive appointment. Call me old fashioned, but I would like someone appointed who focuses more on catching criminals and making London safer than political correctness and social engineering.

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