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60 days and counting

We are now inside the final two months of the US Presidential Election. The two conventions have come and gone and we are starting to get a feel for what an Obama or McCain Presidency would mean for America ,and the rest of the world. It looks to be one of the closest elections in recent times with any decision, speech, or “gaffe” being portrayed as the potential turning point or decisive factor.

One thing is for sure, Senator McCain’s bold decision to ask Sarah Palin to join the ticket has had a dramatic effect on the race for the White House. The Democrats don’t whether to complain about her lack of experience (a bit rich given Senator Obama’s record) or to criticise her family circumstances (a bit rich for “liberals”). Her performance at this week’s convention shows that she means business and is likely to continue to grow into the role. It will be fascinating to see how this particular story develops over the next few weeks. This race is a long way from over.

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