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Major Retailer

“I worked with Ben on a major six-month project as we made some significant changes to our pension arrangements. This impacted existing staff and previous employees who had since left the company – around 15k people. Ben led communications for the project – something we considered to be critical in its success.

“Ben delivered a wide range of communications work for us, from insightful strategic advice and direction as we scoped out the work and planned and designed a detailed communications campaign, through to delivering a suite of high quality and effective products to support our work, including branding, a website, videos, an innovative user guide and clear and concise letters for our target audiences.

“He did a great job leading the communications team and was calm and professional at all times. He was fun to work with and worked well with a range of people from our organisation, his own, our legal representatives and a third party IFA provider. The overall exercise was a success, thanks in no small part to the communications work and the role that Ben played. He did an excellent job and I enjoyed working with him.

“I would welcome the opportunity to work with him in the future and would recommend him highly to others.”

— Chief Operating Officer, Major Retailer

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