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My letter from America- part three

Another flight, another blog post. And another pomposly-titled ‘letter from America’. I am a huge admirer of Alistair Cooke and his brilliant series on America so this mini series of mine... Read more

Boston Strong

We went to Boylston Street today. I have included some photos below. The image of the trainers is particularly... Read more

My letter from America part two

“I’m pleased to say there is no weather across the country today”. The reassuring words of our Captain as we taxied to the runway at San Fransico Airport. What he meant in non-US... Read more

My letter from America* part one

*with apologies to Alastair Cooke I write this at 36,000 feet making my way from New York to San Fransico aboard American flight 179. Despite a three hour delay due to bad weather, which was a little... Read more