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"They don’t understand us"

One of the most common complaints I’ve heard down the years from consultants or in house communications people is that their client or colleagues don’t understand comms. You hear it time and... Read more

Broadcast or receive

The Greek philophser, Epictetus, said ‘We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.’ Perhaps it is being of Irish/Scouse origin but I hardly ever meet and spend... Read more

The British disease

With my new wi-fi Sky HD box (get me!) I watched When Corden Met Barlow over the weekend in glorious technicolour. As well as being a very entertaining and revealing hour’s worth of TV charting... Read more

Are you positive?

I really liked recent comments by Nicky Morgan MP about the need for the Tories to be more positive in its language. It is a coincidence that I have been saying this for some time- honestly!... Read more

2014; big year ahead

The start of a new year is always a time of great promise and great opportunity. Plans are made. Goals are set. Excitement is high. This year is no exception. 2014 looks like being an absolute... Read more

Technology and toilets

I called one of my closest friends this morning for a quick catch up. He answered the phone but immediately informed me that he couldn’t talk as he was busy – he was sat on the toilet!... Read more

Manners at the dentist

I made that trip that fills most of us with dread today; I went to the dentist. This is my second visit in a week after a healthy (or unhealthy!) break we’ve been taking from each other. I... Read more

Ladies first

My wife and I conducted an experiment this week. Not the most scientific one ever but nonetheless interesting. We have recently noticed a disturbing trend when visiting restaurants. Whenever we go... Read more

Sorry seems to be the hardest word

I was struck again last week- when reading about the problems at Standard Chartered with the forced apology of its Chairman- that the language of ‘sorry’ is so important. As with all things in... Read more

Communicating directly with the people

The President is continuing his strategy of talking directly to the American people to make his case for key policies. He has done this on gun control, the economy and most recently on Friday on the... Read more

Cold snap; more weather clichés

There is some inevitable about the laziness of the vocabulary in the coverage of the weather at this time of year. I’m sure there are cold weather bingo games out there on social media sites... Read more

Back to blogging

I am re-launching my blog today after making some changes. I now plan to use it now to share views and ideas on a range of topics, including politics, news and current affairs, sport and life in... Read more