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Star of the week

It was a great way to end the week. Smiles of faces. Skip in step. Excited daughter. Proud Mum and Dad. Aoife was the week’s “Star of the week” in her pre-school, receiving a certificate in front of the school (and reception class and years one and two) at a Friday afternoon assembly.

It was a lovely few minutes. The head of the school read out a range of achievements from across the classes and presented certificates, cups, pats on the back and birthday cupcakes. The excitement and sense of achievement was palpable and infectious. What a great thing to do. We savoured our own certificate moment and then headed home – via one of Birkdale village’s eatery for dinner. Once home we set about our Christmas tree, with our Christmas playlist as the accompaniment. Glass of prosecco, Christmas tune, a dancing little person and the freshly delivered tree and old box of decorates; who could want more?

We added our annual wreath today and a new member of the Team Jones yuletide posse; a wicker reindeer with a red nose. It has been a lovely 24 hours of so and has already got us in the advent mood. We were delighted to support The Walton Centre’s Christmas fundraising effort by buying some cards in our wonderful, favourite florist (original home of said wreath and wicker creature). That will always be the place – that world class hospital – that saved my Dad’s life more than once twenty years ago and gave us so many more memories as he heads towards his eightieth birthday.

We will always be grateful for everything they did for us, including making us tea and toast in the middle of the night as we awaited news from his latest surgery. It’s the stars of the Walton Centre and so many other NHS organisations – that allow so many to enjoy Friday assemblies; Christmas trees or just the simple pleasure of still being here as we enter this wonderful time of year.


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