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Kindness and warm welcomes

We have moved. Yesterday went well. Despite solicitor (not ours) delays and the estate agent missing the point of the moment, we were happily holding the key for our new house by 1:20pm. With the help of the movers and my Mum and Dad we were well settled by teatime for our first night in the new Chez Jones.

Further unpacking today – we are now in single figures of boxes – and another stint of much-appreciated parental help means that our new house is looking like our new home. Dr J – amongst her many, many talents – is an extraordinary home builder, bringing style, grace and comfort to everywhere we have lived – this is our sixth place together. Miss J has assumed the mantle of ‘boss” of the new house and is loving the return to open plan living in a characterful house. It is such a New Labour cliche but it’s very much “traditional values in a modern setting”.

My last weary reflection today – making such quick progress is tiring – is on those who have come to our aide or offered us a warm welcome in our new road. New neighbours have been quick to say hello and our old neighbours passed us a card – lovely touch. People from BT, our window cleaner, our handy man and a new TV man (thanks Mum) have all been and gone over the last 24 hours and all gone above and beyond to make our first first hours and days in our new house a little smoother.

We are of course paying some of these folk for their time but it has been offered with kindness and warmth. I sign off this post from my new office – connected to my new broadband (thanks bloke from BT) – looking out towards Southport and beyond. When the idea of moving was first mooted my heart sank – I can’t do that again so soon I thought – but as ever my wonderful wife was right. She has found for us the perfect home for our perfect family. As her Granny would have said “God is good to you.”


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