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Moving house; the worse waiting of all 

I am writing this now in anticipation of success – not hopefully tempting fate but to relieve the boredom of waiting. I have never been especially patient but the waiting around you do when you are moving house is my least favourite waiting of all.

The whole house move process is made up of inextricable waiting. You wait for agent to get your house on the market; for people to start viewing; for offers to be made; for solicitors to order searches; for the searches to come back; for queries to be raised; for contracts to be exchanged; for phones to be answered; for mortgage offers t arrive; for everything single bit of the process. Even today – in 2017 – much of this is still done by snail mail. It makes my heart sink.

What makes this waiting worse is the knowledge that you are making the most important and costly purchase of your life – eye watering amounts of money. Whatever your financial circumstances and no matter how many times you have bought and sold houses, buying a house is a big deal.

The movers have now done their and I am sitting in my current (soon to be old) office at home, about to say goodbye to this calm working space. One of my first priorities upon entering the new house, is to create a similar space – an oasis to work and to be quiet. Although I have been working hard on managing my anxiety through this process – and I know this is the best I have handled a move – we’ve had some practice over recent years – it still places tensions on my wellbeing – thankfully this time nowhere near its limits. We are only moving one mile – not the three hundred last time and we are staying in brilliant Birkdale.

I know it will all be worthwhile once the move is done and no doubt we will say the same thing we said after the last two moves; never again!


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