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If Carlsberg did Saturdays……..

It’s been a belter. Textbook. Perfection. My Saturday has been top drawer. The best.

Woke to my little girl asking for me. Big hugs. Straight into stories and games. My darling wife with us. Breakfast with Aoife. Dr J having a lie in. My turn tomorrow. Radio 4. Newspaper. More games. Horses backed. Three winners. Near misses. Would have paid 23k. But.  Satisfaction.

Aileen up. More hugs. Breakfast #2. Time to get ready. Drive to Manchester. Singing. Beatles. Obvs.

Cold but fresh. Smiles on faces. Breakfast #3 brunch. Lovely place. V cool. Some shopping. Manchester looking great. Town Hall. Santa. More smiles. Books. Kendals. Coffee. Found new shop. New bag. Thank you Dr J. Social media. Friends. More smiles. Texting sister. More smiles.

Drive home. Radio Five. More Beatles. Hello. Goodbye. Home. Temporary. Cooking. Guinness. Prosecco for Dr J. Radio. LFC. Rugby on iPad. 3-0. More smiles on faces. Did Liverpool win Daddy. Chatted to Mum. Ireland. More Guinness. Dinner. Delia. Braised steak – in Guinness. Obvs. Strictly.

Perfection. Happy man. Lucky man. Blessing counted.


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