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Date night (lunch)

Dr J and I went out for lunch today. We went to the wonderful Arts School in Liverpool; one of the finest restaurants we have been to and our current favourite. There is no great drama in that but this was a social lunch; this was date night (well, date lunchtime). We don’t really subscribe to the “date night” label but do buy in to the concept. Ever since Aoife was born we have tried to find time to be together – with or without her – doing the things we love to do. In her earliest days we still went to the restaurants, pubs, breakfast places and shops that we visited before. We have continued that philosophy since she was born but also made sure that we find time just for us.

All parents find their own way through this tricky balancing act of dedication to your child/children and time to be a couple – there is no magic formula or set way of doing things but like finding time for yourself, I believe it is important to find time for each other. We are lucky to have wonderful families who help and support us in this effort.

Dr J and I have at least two hours every night that we spend together – just us time – usually watching TV or chatting. This is important to us to make time for each other without our attention inevitably being drawn to the precious small person in the room. We have never left Aoife overnight – that’s just not for us – or left her more than a few hours – today’s five hours is the longest ever – but we have always worked hard at finding time were we can still be the couple that met and fell in love ten years ago.

Our lives have been made super special by Aoife coming into it but they were pretty special before that. Speaking for me, that was because I had met the person that I was meant to meet; the person who has made my life complete. Just a few hours alone together today – just like our evenings in front of the telly or our cups of coffee in  Birkdale when Aoife is at pre-school – are important reminders of the reason we love Aoife so much; because we love each other more than words can adequately express.


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