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There is one thing worse than Theresa May; Jeremy Corbyn

My position on Theresa May is clear and has been frequently stated on this blog over recent weeks and months. Her heart is in the right place but she is not up to the job. Politics is a rough business and her weaknesses have been brutally exposed during and since the general election campaign and she is on borrowed time in No 10. Her time as prime minister will end – sooner rather than later hopefully – in the not too distant future.

My position on Jeremy Corbyn is equally clear. His risible performance in the Commons today did nothing to alter my view. He is totally, completely and utterly suited to be the leader of the opposition or a protest movement; diagnosing problems, giving voice to the voiceless and showing an interest in issues others ignore. He is however totally, completely and utterly unsuited to be prime minister. In his response to the Prime Minister’s statement today he showed all the laziness, sloppiness and frankly hopeless tendencies which have been a constant throughout his tenure as Labour leader. He appeared unprepared. He appeared not to have read the Prime Minister’s statement (which had been shared with him in advance). He appeared not to have read his speech before he opened his mouth at the dispatch box. He had no message. Nothing positive to say. His speech had no structure. No focus. Nothing of note to say. He deliberately misled those listening on the government’s position

For someone who wants to be prime minster and is now odds on to become prime minister, this is simply not good enough. Theresa May may be politically speaking a dead woman walking as someone else who likes to write may have said recently, but it is worse for Labour. As I have argued here before, Jeremy Corbyn’s continuation as Labour leader is a disaster for the party. He has two hopes; Theresa May continues until the next election (unlikely) or the Tories pick their next leader who makes Theresa May look in electoral terms like Thatcher or Blair.

If he is not that lucky a new leader will expose his flaws with the same brutality that has left Mrs May  laid bare. I wasn’t a signed up member of the David Cameron fan club but if was still Tory leader Mr Corbyn would already be back on the backbenches.

Yes, Mrs May is not up to her job, but Jeremy Corbyn is so far from being up to her job too that it is embarrassing.


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