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Strictly Saturday – yes, it’s back!

Forget the calendar. Forget the clocks going back. It’s officially the start of autumn and the downhill run into winter. How do I know? Easy. Strictly is back.

At Casa Jones we make no apology for being excited for the return of SCD. There is a level of giddiness in the house this evening and not just because I am finally starting to match my ball-striking with my scoring on the lovely links of S&A and that Liverpool have rediscovered the ability to win football matches again. BTW, how hard is it to take a two golf lead (twice) and then say “ok lads, let’s keep it tight for ten minutes”? No, there is a genuine excitement over the return of the best family TV available – not just a programme but an event which we can watch and enjoy as family and then discuss with two other generations of our family.

That’s what makes Strictly so special. It’s not like most other TV. It’s an event. An occasion. It provides a wonderful conversation piece for grannies and their grandchildren and all age groups, genders, classes, geographies and ethnicities. It is truly universal entertainment. And brilliantly, it happens every week now until Christmas. Lovely stuff.

We had the slight inconvenience tonight of hungry people and Liverpool on TV whilst Strictly moved into view, but with thanks to my iPad and the wonderful steaks of Brough’s in Birkdale, I was able to watch the match, cook dinner, and drink a glass of Cote Du Rhone all in time to settle down with my gorgeous girls for the start of the show at 6:25. Now with the wonder of technology I have paused it whilst Miss J goes to bed so that Dr J and I can watch the last half hour or so. The big question now is whether we have a cuppa straight away or wait until it finishes. Surely, the definition of a first word problem!

Welcome back Strictly. We missed you.


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