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Cooking up a Saturday storm

So, it’s back. The Saturday ritual.

I write about the return of my Saturday late afternoon/early evening cooking with the wireless as my companion; the irrepressible Radio Five and its iconic Sports Report.

Some things never change. Saturday is a brilliant day; lie-ins; family time and sport. Oh yeah, and Liverpool not being able to  defend set pieces. I made an early start to the day with 07:48 tee off at S&A. I hope Jurgen Klopp appreciates the sacrifice of a lie-in and leisurely breakfast so I was able to be in position with my Dad, daughter and darling wife in front of the TV, shouting at more schoolboy defending.

I did make one mistake today – playing golf at that hour after a tricky week with heaviness and tiredness in the mind and body was not a good call – a lesson learnt. I should have followed the great Jack Nicklaus’ advice, shared with me this week by another great golfer, when asked how much golf you should play Jack said; “play a little less than you want”.

Saturday is one of my days to cook – those days will expand in the coming weeks as Dr J returns to work. I love – absolutely love – my Saturday cooking. The me of yesteryear would laugh at that prospect – not through mockery but through incredulity that I could actually cook. The me of yesteryear couldn’t boil an egg – my speciality was “slop” – pasta with Lloyd Grossman sauce. A look way from Masterchef. No need to see who lives in a kitchen like this. Now my repertoire is expanding and tonight it was my bolognese pasta. Delicious.

I enjoy the time I spend cooking, half listening to the radio, half watching Aoife playing – today she was painting. “Rainbows daddy”. I try to time it all so we eat after both the classified – I still miss James Alexander Gordon – and the match repots, but in time to be done by the time the repulsive 606 gets underway. There are few things in life less enjoyable than listening to barstool experts ranting on the radio – some of them half full – about their football team, players or manager to the even less expert Robbie Savage or Ian Wright. Not for me thanks.

The only thing missing from this perfect Saturday early evening is Strictly. Give it a few weeks and we will be right in the middle of that Saturday sweet spot. For the minute we have to settle for dee dee dum dee dum dee dum dee dum dee diddle dum dee dee and my Saturday special.


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