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I say Vicar, it’s time for the news and sport. Agggghhhhh!

It is one of my pet hates. It riles me. It brings out the worst in me. It has me shouting at the TV or radio. It has me threatening to stop paying my licence fee, although only for a few seconds – I am far too compliant and law-abiding to even really consider that!

To what do I write? What is this heinous broadcasting crime that upsets my equilibrium? What is my beef?

Simple. The mindless, irritating and totally unnecessary flippant, giggling, dull and self-indulgent (and very, very unfunny) “banter” as the BBC News presenter hands over to the BBC Sports presenter and vice versa. Incidentally, whilst I am blog-ranting, it’s vice versa not ‘vy-ser’ versa – there is only one syllable in ‘vice’!

Why can’t both presenters just present the news and sport in a professional, respectful, clear and sober way, presenting both sets of information to the viewer and listener as factual and serious? I am tuning into be informed not entertained – by the way, there is nothing – absolutely nothing – entertaining about the jokey comments made about the weather at Wimbledon, the success rate of the BBC racing tips or the alledged sporting prowess of the newsreader. This is not a jolly Radio 4 panel game or a bedroom farce as the vicar loses his trousers whilst climbing out of an upstairs window. This is the news and sport. The news and sport. I would just like you to read it out please – correctly and clearly. I do not want you to show how wacky or humorous you can be. I don’t want to know what hilarious tie you are wearing, or hear about your hysterical comedy socks or waistcoats to show off your winning personality, or how “out there” you are. This is surely not too much to ask?!

Agggggghhhhhhhh. There again, rises the temperature of my blood.

I know that I have ascribed this behaviour to the BBC but it is sadly a disease which has infected all broadcasters from what I can see and hear. It is a classic case of the broadcasters talking to themselves and forgetting their audience. As I’ve said before about referees who try to take attention away from those wearing kit on the pitch with constant whistle-blowing – we’ve come to watch the players ref – I say the same to our broadcaster wannabe Ant and Dec’s – just read the news and sport, please! For the love of God!



Photo take from http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3492689/Presenter-Dan-Walker-s-position-camera-left-BBC-Breakfast-sofa-angers-viewers-positioning-demotion-experienced-host-Louise-Minchin.html

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