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Daughter; sister; wife; mother; friend; doctor; role model; superstar: Mrs J, my best mate

It’s my best mate’s birthday. Forty-one years young today. I am the luckiest man alive because as well as this birthday girl being my best mate, she is my wife, my soul mate, my daughter’s incredible mummy and the smartest, most beautiful and most decent person I know. It’s Mrs J’s birthday; a day for cards, cakes and a blog post to make her blush.

Mrs J and I met nearly ten years ago, marrying within 18 months. When you know, you know. It has been the ten years that have completed my life and completed our family, with Miss J arriving on the scene 40 months ago. Today and over the last few days, Miss J has really enjoyed the birthday build-up; buying cards, writing them (she is now drawing smiley faces) and secretly buying the cake and hiding it. It is of course a Frozen cake, “because that’s what mummy wants” and it wasn’t very secret – Mrs J has been told every hour, on the hour, about the cake and it’s hiding place for the last few days.

Mrs J and I like our privacy and our space and so this is not a post that lets too much light in on the magic. Suffice to say, that my love for Mrs J is deeper every day that passes. All the wonderful qualities that first attracted me to her – that first inspired me to invite her out for lunch when we worked together at the GMC – remain as stunning and compelling today. Her powerful intellect – which she wears lightly – makes Dr Aileen Jones BA PhD the smartest person in most rooms she enters and yet the kindest, humblest and most decent. She has more integrity than anyone else I have met and is driven by values that make her a perfect role model for our darling daughter.

Mrs J lives for her family and brings light and joy into every day for Miss J and I; she is simply our whole world.  Miss J and I are lucky to know her, let alone spend every day with her and her unflinching love. It may be Aileen’s birthday today, but for us every day with her is like ours.



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