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AMJ Comms – what’s in a name?


Once I’d decided to start my own business – the more I thought about it, the more sense it made –  so I could focus on the work I really love doing (and focus less on the bureaucracy, hierarchy and politics of a big organisation and spend more time on helping my clients and making a difference to them) and getting the balance right between home and work – my attention turned to picking a name for the company.

I had three – then four – criteria;
  • Must be a name that means something important to me
  • Must be a name that says something about what the company does
  • Must be a name that is easy to remember
  • I then remembered that it must be a name that nobody else has – checking the online database at Companies House!
So, I started with my family name(s) and the main reason why going solo really appealed to me above all else – the chance to do great work I am proud of whilst being the best dad and husband I can be – home always coming before work.
I played around with my daughter’s name – Aoife – not the easier scan or to remember if you’re not familiar with Irish names and spellings. So far in her life she has been called lots of things, including Arthur! But her initials started to have potential – AMJ.
I was determined to say something in the name about what my company would do – communications interim management and consulting. Mmmmmn, a bit long. I scribbled away with communication words; shortening them, hyphenating them, capitalising them, mangling them beyond all recognition. Then I started saying ‘AMJ communications’ out loud and then it hit me – what would the website address be – .com? How about comms.com? Lovely.
So, AMJ comms.com was born. Next step; is the domain available? Has the name been taken at Companies House? No to both. Relief. AMJ Comms Ltd (amjcomms.com).
Next stop……how to turn a company name into a brand. Next post will reveal more…….