Archive: Apr 2013

Technology and toilets

I called one of my closest friends this morning for a quick catch up. He answered the phone but immediately informed me that he couldn’t talk as he was busy – he was sat on the toilet!... Read more

Manners at the dentist

I made that trip that fills most of us with dread today; I went to the dentist. This is my second visit in a week after a healthy (or unhealthy!) break we’ve been taking from each other. I... Read more

Ladies first

My wife and I conducted an experiment this week. Not the most scientific one ever but nonetheless interesting. We have recently noticed a disturbing trend when visiting restaurants. Whenever we go... Read more

Margaret Thatcher

On my first birthday- 4th May 1979- Margaret Thatcher became Prime Minister. In the thirty-four years since, Britain has been shaped more by Mrs Thatcher than by anyone else in peacetime. For good or... Read more