• Author:Ben Jones
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Message of change

I have been asked for my final message to the voters of Halton before Thursday’s election. I have set this out below;

“This is the most important election in a generation. We face a record budget deficit, equivalent to Greece. Our society is divided and broken, and in need of repair. Our politics has been discredited and damaged after the expenses scandal in Westminster. And we are fighting a war in Afghanistan with no end in sight.

We need change and a fresh start.

The only way we can make a fresh start with a new government on Friday is if you vote Conservative on Thursday. The choice ahead of you is clear; five more years of Gordon Brown, or change with David Cameron and the Conservatives. A vote for any other Party will leave us stuck with Gordon Brown and Labour.

I have campaigned for change in Halton since my selection in November 2008. We need change after 13 years of Labour government and over 30 years of Labour control of Halton Council. We need change to get our economy moving; change to build our big society; change to fix our broken politics; change to make a difference here in Halton.

We need our country to come together to deliver that change. You can help by voting Conservative on Thursday.”