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Questions for the Halton candidates; #1

Each week until polling day, the Widnes and Runcorn Weekly News is asking readers to submit a question for all of the candidates to answer. The first question was “Why should the electorate vote for you?”. My answer is below;

I believe this is the most important election in a generation. The country has a clear choice between five more years of Gordon Brown and his failing government, or change and a fresh start with David Cameron and the Conservatives.

If elected, I promise to make the people of Widnes, Runcorn and Hale Village my top priority. I promise to be a different type of MP, bringing energy and fresh ideas. I promise to give you a strong voice in Westminster; not my Party a strong voice in Halton.

I have lived most of my 31 years locally, in Rainhill and St Helens. I went to local state schools before becoming the first person in my family to go to University.

I want to make a contribution to my country; that’s why I work in the public sector and am a school governor. I have shown commitment to you since my selection in November 2008, working hard on local issues, including giving 100% support to the Mersey Gateway project.

I believe passionately that Halton and Britain needs change. We need a fresh start and new direction. Together, your vote and my hard work, can deliver change for our great country.