• Author:Ben Jones
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Asbestos pleural plaques

I recently received a question in relation to my party’s position on compensation for people suffering from asbestos pleural plaques. I have set this out below:

On the basis of certain High Court decisions in the 1980s, it was possible for damages to be awarded for negligent exposure to asbestos which had led to the presence of pleural plaques. However, following a House of Lords ruling in 2007 that the presence of pleural plaques does not constitute actionable or compensatable damage, this is no longer possible.

The Conservatives sympathise with those who have been exposed to asbestos, and understand that this is a very sensitive issue for many. We do believe, however, that pleural plaques should be based on the clinical evidence. It is important that a clear distinction should be made between pleural plaques as a benign condition, pleural plaques where there is a physical impairment, and other asbestos related diseases.

The Shadow Justice Team are aware of the concerns surrounding this matter and will take them into account when dealing with this sensitive issue.