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Weekly News; Halton Conservative Parliamentary Candidate Ben Jones briefs Shadow Transport Minister Stephen Hammond on the Mersey Gateway Project

HALTON Conservative Parliamentary Candidate Ben Jones has briefed Shadow Transport Minister Stephen Hammond on the Mersey Gateway Project.

The would-be MP reiterated his support for the project and gave Mr Hammond a full briefing on the project’s transport and regeneration opportunities.

Afterwards he said: “The Mersey Gateway project is a vitally important transport and regeneration project for my constituency and the North West region.

“It will help to alleviate traffic congestion, support local businesses to be more competitive, act as a catalyst for regeneration throughout the area, and create new jobs. This much-needed and long overdue development is welcomed by local people and those across the political spectrum.”

He continued: “This is more than a bridge – it has the potential to be a catalyst that will connect communities and lead regeneration and investment throughout Halton and the North West.”

He added: “It is a testament to the commitment of the Conservative Party to the project and the North West that Stephen made the time to talk in detail about this issue.”