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Weekly News- BNP blasted by Ben Jones

British National Party deputy leader Simon Darby defends use of Sir Winston Churchill in campaign material amid criticism from Ben Jones, prospective Conservative candidate for Halton


THE BNP’s use of Winston Churchill’s image on its campaign material has been blasted by prospective Conservative MP for Halton, Ben Jones.

But senior figures at the BNP have hit back, claiming former Tory Prime Minister would have agreed with many of its views.

Images of the Second World War leader – a Tory for most of his career – have appeared alongside BNP leader Nick Griffin on his party’s website.

Mr Jones – who will stand against Derek Twigg MP at the next election – said: “Winston Churchill is rightly regarded as one of the great Britons of all time, who was a national hero during the Second World War.

“It is unfortunate that an organisation like the BNP, which is neither great nor heroic, should seek to use his image on their website and in their campaign materials.

“The best way to defeat the BNP is to ensure that all mainstream political parties tackle head-on their lies and bigotry and get their own supporters to the polls on election day.”

Simon Darby, deputy leader of the BNP, said Churchill would have shared many of his party’s views.

He said: “We believe if Churchill had the same political outlook now as he had then, he’d be thrown out of the Conservative party.

“Under mainstream parties we’ve seen the sell-off of British gold, and seen the loss of more freedoms to the EU.

“Thatcher took us into Europe and ensured we were wrapped in the tentacles of the EU federalist monster.”

He added: “If he were here now, we’d be the only party he could join.”